Suggestions for a new monitor

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The samsung I linked to was 320 from that slovenian site. I would choose that not because it's cheaper but because it's better and gsync isn't needed. You're just paying more for an inferior product but if you really want to try gsync for yourself, that maybe a reason for you to spend 100 more for a worse monitor.



"Better" is about as subjective as one can get and the same could be said of your remark to "an inferior product" and "worse". Don't do that and if you are going to do so, have the decency to preface it with "in my opinion" or the like.


Jul 13, 2016

The Samsung is 60Hz which I don't want because I already have that now (50 or 59 actually) and my plan is to upgrade, not exchange.
It also has FreeSync which is pointless and useless for my case.

The argument VA/IPS being better than TN can't really be applied for my POV because I assume I've only experienced TN (LG 22LE5500 TV is what I've been using for ~8 years) and the colors and quality of the picture is great (not that I can compare it to any other type, but I've never had any issues or complained about how "ugly" it might look). The TV has 3ms response time.
The TN's viewing angels con also isn't a problem because I always sit directly in front of my computer so I never look from any other angel than straight at it.

That being said, buying a monitor with the 'same' panel type but upgrading it to a 144Hz, a bigger screen, faster response time and G-Sync on top of that is a homerun and a win no matter how you look at it.

In my opinion, gsync is awesome. You checked the most important boxes in resolution and refresh rate, everything else is just gravy on your potatoes. Enjoy it man!


The page has incorrect specs. To clarify, the monitor is 1ms, same as the other, 144hz, still same although a small oc could be done on either, 24", same, 1080p, same. Just because you haven't seen better and you don't think it's bad doesn't mean you shouldn't try it out and see the difference for yourself. It's like getting a ssd. Once you do, you know what you were missing out on and won't ever want to go back. That can still go for gsync but just going from experience, it's not worth it and you can just use other things like fast sync to remove screen tearing without the downsides of vsync. Viewing angles is blown out of proportion and I wouldn't call it an advantage. You like most people look at it straight ahead, like a smart person would. It has better contrast and color. I haven't compared directly for uniformity but most other specs don't make much difference. It's curved but that doesn't make a difference either since it's small. Anything else can just be said as the same besides gsync. Of course it's opinions but there's also facts to back it up.

Even if none of that matters, it's 100 more for gsync and I won't stop you from trying it but I will voice my advice.