Question Suggestions to improve my networking setup

Aug 29, 2019
Hello guys. This is my first thread here, I hope I dont make any mistakes.

I'm gonna give you some context about why I need a special setup. The building I live used to be a big house, right now has been splitted into several apartments and therefore (or so my landlord says) the internet has to be shared accross all the tenants.
From readability's sake I'm gonna refer to the main router in the building as Router A.
Router A is an TP-Link Archer C50 v4 (not 100% sure, but has a MediaTek chipset).

Disclaimers: I do not have access to Router A, I cannot throw a cable through the building and I cannot change anything related to it.

To have my own wifi (and avoid annoying neighbors casting stuff into my chromecast and such issues). I used to have the following setup working quite well:

I bought a Router Archer C5 (aka Router C).

So... Router C is connected to Router A using WDS, setting up a static IP in Router A subnet and disabling DCHP.

It used to work perfectly until I moved the computer to another bedroom where I suppose I dont have a good Router A signal reception. It's a desktop computer without a wifi card (and not planing to get one until it's completely necessary)

Since I have another Router Archer A5 (which I will call Router B) I decided to try the following:

Router B connect through WDS to Router A. Its wifi is not broadcasting the SSID, DCHP disabled and static IP.

Router C connect through WDS to Router B. This wifi is broadcasted and it's the one I'm gonna use on daily basis. Also DCHP disabled and static IP in the same subnet assigned.

It's been working just fine. Speedtest connected to Router A gives me 45/20 MB download/upload and Speedtest connected to Router C gives me 25/20.

I think that due the circustancies I can be happy with that, but I'm curious if anybody can suggest a better setup.


From the gist, MOVE, seriously.

Shared situation means you have no control whatsoever, this sucks, u can do the basic things only surf blah-blah, and if there is congestion, there will be in shared situations, only the landlord can do, if he even bothers, anything about it.