[SOLVED] suitable wi-fi antenna for receive

Jan 4, 2020
on a site where I work the wi-fi signal is good, BUT I work in a metal cabin that works almost as a faraday cage, and I cannot stay connected reliably, the signal inside seen by my laptop is very weak, it improves if I open the door, but thet lets the weather in and we have a lot of computer hardware inside.
What sort of antenna could I use to pick up the signal outside, and connect by cable to my laptop inside the cabin (eg to USB or RJ45 ) ? most of the threads I find are related to boosting wi-fi over long distances, which is not what I am trying to do.

Any help/advice appreciated. I am a 62 year old engineer, I can crimp and solder cables, sockets, but I just do not know what I need to start with. Thanks.