[SOLVED] Surface Book 1 not working properly with external display

Sep 1, 2020
Hi, everyone!

I have a Surface Book 1, 13-inch with Intel HD Graphics 520 since 2016 and by now I've bought a 4k display - Philips 276E8VJSB. I am connecting it through a brand new, 3-feet, miniDP to DP cable.

I am using it in the "second screen only" option - but my issue seems to appear on duplicate and extend also.

I have tried it on several display configurations (4k, 2560, etc...) and everything works fine for a few minutes before it starts to get black for 2 to 5 seconds and then resume working normally for a while before going black again. I have tried some other configurations but all resulted on the same problem. It seems very random, sometimes it works properly for 10 minutes before going black, and sometimes it keeps going black every 15 seconds or so.

Yesterday I have updated to Windows 10 2004 and everything else looks updated. But still the issue remains.

Before that I used to have some issues when connecting to external displays, but I assumed it was a cheap (DP to HDMI adapter) or something else, now it looks like it is my computer video card.

What can I do to fix it? If it is not possible to fix, how to minimize it (lower resolution, frequency, etc...).

Best regards,