Question Switching from NVIDA to AMD and all my games keep crashing

Aug 11, 2020
So i bought myself a RX 5700 XT, My old GPU was a RTX 2060 6GB
So when i got it, i replaced the GPU, i deleted all the old NVIDA drivers and installed AMD'S driver and made sure my monitor was using the new GPU,
It did.
To be safe it set my windows 10 to factory setting and completely reinstalled it.
The GPU worked fine, problem was it was underperforming.
by alot too if i compared it to my old GPU.
I did a heaven Benchmark and on my old GPU i had 95 FPS Avarage,
And on my new one it was only 105...
wich i was really disapointed about
I tried to figure out everything
Made sure all my cores were running. and drivers were up to date
Litterly everything, i kinda thought first my GPU was capped to my old GPU
But i checked and it was performing like normal 85%-98%, and the CPU wasn't the problem at all.
So i didn't understand that, thought it was drivers that were bad but i heard drivers of AMD at this very moment i posted it was nearly perfect.

I was sad about it, but didn't want to go through the effort to send my GPU back cus it was underperforming,
So i decided to play Hell let loose, The GPU was really hot compared to my RTX 2060 6GB, but it was normal for RX 5700 XT (75-81 Degress]
But i started crashing, it become worse and worse
the crashes become so more often it was crazy
I thought it was the game, till i started playing the other games
And they started crashing too
At one point i stress tested it and it seemed fine, after that all games i mostly started crashed imeadiatly after loading in even in potato settings

Is there anyone who has any idea? I reinstalled my pc cleanly 3 times to make sure it wasn't the drivers
or is my pc already failing?!

Thx for helping me out
The 5700XT isnt massivly better than the 2060.
I think 95-105 is about the difference you should expect, maybe underperforming by abit

As for the crashing, i would try to see if the card is in all the way the pcie slot and if the power cables are all the way in.
also maybe clear CMOS and try DDU'ing the drivers.