System Builder Preloading Questions


Nov 29, 2013
I want to become a system builder for a profit. i already have the process of pricing out parts, building the PC, and everything else, but im not sure how to go about the OS.

I know i could use Windows OPK, but i dont know how to use that. So now i have two questions about this senoria.

One, How do i go about buying the copy of Windows 8.1, i have an OEM copy with me, would i have to purchase a copy of Windows 8.1 OEM, add it to the price of the PC, and ship it with them just so the product key goes with the system, or is there a way were i could use one master disc to install windows to every computer, but buy, and charge just for the product keys, and ship the PC with the product key sticker?

Two, how do i use the whole OBK program so i can just install it, and then let the OOBE kick in for the end users to setup there PC? I know it involve creating the answer file, a master PC, then preloading it with audit mode, or something, but i dont know how to create that, and i dont know how i would load it onto PC once i create it.