Question System freeze whenever I exit a game

May 24, 2020
Hi folks,

I've seen multiple threads about freezes randomly and constantly but in my case it is very specific. Trying to attach my dxdiag for now, hit me up if you need anything else.
There are always two Scenarios occuring, either A or B.

A) On exiting a game (i.e.: MHW:Iceborne, No Man's Sky, ...) after Steam successfully "unloaded" the game the system freezes (numlock not responsive) and I have to hard reset.
B) On exiting a game the system immediately reboots. On reboot it freezes on first loading after mobo manufacturer or shortly after. I also have to hard reset.

My system is (otherwise) operating smoothly. While gaming on heavy load for hours or any other activity there are no abnormalities. Just when it comes down to exiting the running game. If I'd be to just hop into a game, adjust some settings and close it rather fast I would not run into a freeze.

Synopsis so far:
My rig did not have this problem from the get go, roughly at the start of Feb 2020. I was building a new PC for a mate and also updated my BIOS (yeah, never change a running sys dang it).
I have made a Fresh Win10 install, wiping both my SSD completely. I'm currently running on minimum, just GPU and chipset drivers, Steam and Discord.
I can reproduce both scenario A and B 100%.
Before I procedurally start changing my hardware (would have to buy) I'd like to check with you guys.

Edit: Link to dxdiag