System Shut Down By ASUS Surge Protection when Gaming/3D Load


Mar 17, 2013
After playing a 3D game (Snake Pass) for around an hour and a half I had my PC shut down completely and then power up again and the POST screen displayed the following:

“Power supply surges detected during the previous power on. ASUS Anti-Surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit!
Press F1 to run set up.”

Despite the reference to power surges, I don’t think there was any actual power surge in my electricity supply as nothing else connected to the same sockets (surge protected too) lost power or turned off.

I initially put it down to a one off but have had the problem return after gaming for a little over one hour again. After that I tried a heavy benchmark (3D Mark Firestrike Extreme) and this caused the system to shut down within minutes displaying the same message on boot up.

I have read up on the ASUS Anti-Surge a bit and had heard that it can be a little over sensitive but am wary of disabling it as I do not want to risk damaging my hardware if it is correct and the power supply really is unstable.

I have owned the power supply, a BeQuiet Pure Power 530 Watt (580 Watt Peak, 500ms, with 420 Watt over its dual 12v rails and a total of 35A) for around 4-5 years and never had any issue with it before. While 5 years may seem a lot, this is my second PC that I use as a HTPC in the living room solely for gaming, so has not seen a great deal of use over that time (I divide my gaming time between PC and consoles).

That said, to allow it to better handle modern games I did recently upgrade the graphics card to a Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980TI and am wondering if the card, being factory overclocked is proving too taxing for the PSU?

My system is a i7 3770, 16GB DDR3, GTX980TI, Windows 10, 360GB SSD, 2TB SSHD, 3TB HDD, BD ROM, BeQuiet Pure Power 530 Watt (580 Watt Peak, 500ms) with 420 Watt over its dual 12v rails and a total of 35A.

Should I just change the PSU for something stronger? Or should I try disabling the ASUS surge protection and hope that the PSU’s own safeguards will be enough?


I have never run into a case with the Asus Anti-Surge that was it being over sensitive. It has almost always been a faulty piece of hardware.

The Anti-Surge entire point is to stop power issues from frying the board, RAM, CPU etc.

On one side though you have a 530W PSU and the 980Ti is given a recommended PSU of 600W. Not too far off but that is also for a stock version from nVidia. What 980Ti do you have? Those typically require more power since they are clocked higher with faster VRAM.
You need a new PSU. The voltage is going too high under high load. Indicating the PSU can't handle it and either has poor safety measures or they have failed.

Don't disable the anti-surge. Don't keep trying to use it. Unless you want to buy a new computer.

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