Question System taking up disk usage when I need it


Dec 24, 2019
Basically, my computer is very capable at running games that I want to play (Lots of graphical tweaking however) and today I decided to try out warzone again, all setting to the lowest, resolution all the way down, and at some parts, the game ran totally fine, it was only when I went into places where the game needed disk usage (loading in new textures/models) then the game becomes a slideshow. I decided to throw up task manager on the second monitor, turns out the "System" process decided to hog up all the disk usage as soon as my game needs it. It wasnt some strange coincidence, since once the game didn't need as much disk usage, the system process didn't need it either. And not even for games either, for everything! The moment I open up chrome, steam, any other process of any kind, it takes the usage and stays there until the application that needs it is done. I have tried updating, virus scanning, clearing out space, the whole 9 yards. Even if you have any suggestion or a idea, please let me know, its becoming really frustrating.

Specs: (I am on a gaming laptop)
Cpu: Ryzen 7 3750H 2.3ghz
Gpu: Nvidia GTX 1050 ti 2gb vram
Ram: 8gb
Storage: 1tb seagate firecuda < I run windows and smaller applications on this one
500gb onetouch external ssd < I run my games on this one


The system has high disk usage "when you need it" probably because Windows is swapping stuff out to make room for the game to load more stuff since you have only 8GB of system memory to work with.

Most modern 'AAA' and open-world games in general need 16GB to run smoothly.