Team Red (AMD) vs. Team Green (Nvidia)

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Nov 28, 2015
Hello all and! This thread is designed to end the long lasting debate, AMD vs. Nvidia.

Please share your views on what company is "better" at this point of time, and reasoning as well.

After a while of debate, I will select the winning side. As for all of you... Defend your side! Provide evidence for and against why the side you pick is better!

Please Remember: This is a WARZONE. post responses/evidence at your own risk. Support your side!

No foul language, racism, or insults will be permitted. Choose your side and fight!



[quotemsg=17731984,0,2130172]Hello all and! This thread is designed to end the long lasting debate, AMD vs. Nvidia.


There can be no 'end'.
Which is better, Ford or Chevy? Apple or Microsoft? Kawasaki or Suzuki? Pine or Walnut?
Opinions are just....opinions. There is no 'One Ring to rule them all'

This thread WILL be shut down before long because brains WILL explode.


This is a debate as old as the internet itself. I don't think one thread will solve this. Who needs some popcorn?

IMO, the better is neither...or both. For me, it's all price/performance and I buy the best card at my price point. I don't use all the bloatware that the companies offer and have no intention of locking myself in with gsync or freesync. If I have the money for a R7 370 or a GTX 950...I would get the 950. 960 vs R9 380, I buy the 380, 970 vs R9 390, obviously I bought the 390 as I felt it suited my needs better.

The companies trade dominance at different price levels, unlike how is was in the past where there would be a whole generation of products better than the others. (Thinking about the nVidia 9800 series or the AMD 5XXX series.)

I am probably one of the few people out there that truly has no loyalty either way. I was trained to always look at PC components and systems from the price/performance perspective...which is why I have never owned an apple product.
If you've gotten the sense that there is a whole flock of Moderators swarming in like vultures on a carcass, you'd be right. We've seen too many threads like this, and they never end well. Debating the merits of a particular feature (e.g. PhysX, or DX level) is one thing, but an entire CompanyA vs. CompanyB will bring out the fanboys, tempers will run rampant, and people will say stupid stuff that clearly violates the forum rules and hammers will swing. Best that this be closed now.
Not open for further replies.