Tech Tom's Relies On: SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset

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Oct 18, 2015
You guys spend $2000+ on gaming rigs just to plug a "gaming headset" into them instead of a quality pair of headphones? A set of ATH-AD500x will sound infinitely better than anything Steelseries makes for less than $100. Throw on a modmic and now it's a headset.
This is just blatant Advertising. They write this crap so they can sell fake advertising. It's just how they try and get you to read this slop and fool you into thinking its not an advert when it really is.
Well, I doubt you'll have a better go with the Arctis'.... last I heard, they were still unable to provide a replacement for that bs proprietary cable they use.

@TACGNOL06 Not everyone wants the inconvenience of dealing with a desktop mic or modding a nice pair of headphones with crap like Modmic. I don't have space for an additional microphone.

Plus, it can be awkward finding something solid with a suspension headband design a la Arctis/Siberia, and if it doesn't have that then it's piss, flat out. Awkward though, since I'm not sure I can use SS in the future due to their falling in with a bunch of SJW types to promote a cancerous online campaign.
Not open for further replies.