Question Temperature Readings On HWMonitor

Mar 16, 2021
I just bought a Lenovo Legion Labtop and I do a lot of gaming so I previously had Smart Game Booster running while playing games and it kept alerting me that my mother board is overheating. I can't really see much detail using that program and I honestly don't know what I'm doing or what I'm supposed to be looking for. I seen downloading HWMonitor might help and now I'm just completely lost. Everything was showing normal Temps and then numbers started turning red... I just need to know if these temp readings are bad and what they mean.
I tried to post a pic with this but it's not letting me or I don't know how.
Temperatures Package and Core #3 readings are 203 Degrees Fahrenheit their red numbers so I'm assuming thats not good.
203F (95C) is pretty much the danger point with regards to hardware overheating. Since you just bought it, unless it's used, I can't imagine there being dust bunnies in the laptop. Otherwise, make sure the laptop's vents are given plenty of clearance.