Question Terrible screen tearing/lag in csgo and other games after nvidia driver update

Aug 7, 2019
The issue is very much as title describes it, after the recent update of Nvidia gameready driver i started to experience terrible tearing on almost everygame on my usual settings and i have done almost everything in my knowledge to fix it but i haven't been able to get anywhere, which lead me here asking this question

so my specs are
intel core'i5 7500 3.4gHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX GeForce 1050ti 4 GB
RAM: 16 GB Corrsair
Monitor: Some random old NEC which pulls up 60hz rr, 78hz after overclocking it with nvidia driver
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Now the issue started to happen after i updated my nvidia driver, lets take csgo for an example my usual config for csgo was "FULLSCREEN " "4:3 aspect ratio" "1280x1024" resolution with everything else maxed out it had absolutely no problem like tearing and anything else before but now ever since i updated my driver theres this tearing with my same config for csgo which makes 300 fps feel like im playing on 60-50, issue resolves when i play on 16:9 aspect ratio WINDOWED FULLSCREEN 1280x720 resolution but i dont wanna play on these settings i've been playing on 4:3 stretched since years

Now i did some research tried some fixes that are on internet/youtube like rolling back my driver, resetting windows, resetting graphics settings, altering with 3D settings for games and capping my fps, turning on vysncy nothing seems to work, however upon restoring system to a very old previous date fixed it for a short brief amount of time but the problem comes back shortly.

Now what i understand from this is the fact that i dont need a new monitor cuz if that were the cases the issue wouldnt just start to persist right after i updated my drivers right? updating my drivers has messed up settings that cant figure out, and my GPU doesnt seem to be dying either cuz it can pull out 300+ fps from csgo easily.

So please help me out i've been spending my previous 3 days trying to solve this issue but im so lost and open for suggestions.

PS: I can provide any additional information if required
May 13, 2020
I found this solution online, it may work for you too.

Download the driver just prior to the latest version & save it on your desktop. Then download DDU & save it on your desktop. Run DDU using the safe mode method. After you're booted back to Windows, install the driver you previously saved to your desktop. Your issue could be that your GT 640M LE is a Fermi based GPU which is no longer supported in the latest driver. And if not, you'll have a clean fresh driver install.