Question Test PSU for Failures Inside Windows

Tom Bombtongue

Sep 28, 2016
Hey guys.

So I am having an issue with my PC and I want to pinpoint the problem. Right now I am suspicious that the PSU might be faulty. It is a stock PSU that came with the case and I have never tested it.

I am not knowledgeable about electronics and I certainly don't have any equipment to check for failures physically. Is there a way to do it with a software? Inside Windows, or maybe with a LiveCD?

No way to prove it’s the psu without proper testing equipment or trying another psu. Generally the psu’s that are bundled with cases are complete garbage you would not want to risk you system with. Can you give us make and model of psu and full pc spec?
What is the make/model of your PSU?
What are the other parts of your system?
Why do you suspect your psu?
Cheap psu testers can only confirm a dead psu, but can not confirm proper operation.
If a psu problem is suspected, about the only thing you can do is to replace it with a known good psu.


Testing a psu properly takes specialized equipment. It's pretty much no different from the engine in a car. Sure, the engine runs, sure there doesn't seem to be any issues, but to find out if you are getting the proper fuel/air ratio? Is the water pump just doing its job or does it have optimal flow? Is the alternator working or is it not charging the battery with correct voltages?

Everything can seem to be ok with a psu, the pc runs, but even software doesn't tell the whole story about transient responses or holdup times or protective circuitry (or lack thereof) working within specs. Are you getting the rated efficiency or are you sucking 500w from the wall for a 200w output, the rest being heat. There's half a hundred different things going on inside a psu, and total reliance on its own regulatory process to keep things right. It's usually only with massive failures somewhere that anyone has a clue there's an issue as any minor flaws are buried and not noticeable.

There's only 1 fix/cure for a suspected issue with a psu. Replacement. Can be temporary, as in testing purposes, or permanent, but either way, something different will have to power the pc.