texture problem and lag and spike issue in most games


Jul 23, 2015
Hi i recently bought a r7 250x 2gb gddr5 after three days of playing games like gta v,witcher 3 now all of my games have texture pop-in and very low draw distance i downloaded latest driver now but nothing
my specs
ram: 8gb
main: h61m-c
cpu: intel g2030 ( you may say its a bottleneck but i played gta v before with this cpu but with gt 520 and i didn't have any problems but now even saints row 3 has this draw distance problem :| )
also i have slow loading texture in gta v and after that textures pop in will come ( when flying with a jet or plane) i did everything with game graphic setting but nothing...in witcher 3 i dont have this problem a lot just sometimes in novigrad houses disappear and then they come back but the lights of the flames in the game will turn on when i am getting close
in saints row the third ( aka 3) this problem is awful for example i am 6 meters away from a traffic sign the sign is not there but when i get close to it it will appear!
also i have gpu spike which ididnt have this one before it will reach a low in couple of minutes and whole game will freeze and after a couple of secs usage goes up to 99
( i change my OS and it seemed to work but again after a couple of hours the problem appeared again)