Question The bottom of my monitor screen turns black whenever I change to 144hz

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odd that screenshots wouldn't show the issue but first-person view does.
has it always been this way or a recent issue that has arisen?

i would guess it is a faulty display that can't handle the max refresh rate.

but have you looked through the monitor's OSD menu for any 'overclock' options.
many displays have to have this sort of feature enabled for them to reach maximum rated refresh rate.
my previous 165Hz AOC AG271QG was this way. without the overclock feature enabled it also maxed at 120Hz.

have you also checked the AOC product support pages for any drivers that may be needed?
Dec 6, 2021
It started happening a month ago, but back then i would just switch to 120hz and when i change it back to 144hz it would be fine, but now my screen just goes half black whenever i change it to 144hz. I've gone through the OSD menu and no overclock option can be seen. And i have checked for drivers and have installed them but nothing changed
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