Discussion The end of i3s?


Mar 29, 2022
So recently Intel have released the 13th gen for CPUs... and before that the 12th gen. The difference? There is no 13th gen i3s (yet and maybe never will be).
I myself have somewhat developed a sense of respect for the i3 name since the release of the 12100 which in some cases is able to put down even older gen i7s (including the "old gaming champion" found in older gaming PCs, the i7 7700K) (review here).
(You all can judge me for this) however I have always seen the i3s as the underdogs, the budget lineup Intel put out... sure they weren't maybe as fast as the i5s+ or maybe didn't have as many Cores but still they could handle most things you would throw at them (talking i3 8th gen+) maybe with a few settings in games needed to be tuned down but still they would run it fine.
I may have overstated a little about i3s but I personally feel kind of sad to see this part of Intel go (even if it doesn't stand out much).
It's always been that the i3 lineup releases months later. Nothing new here I'd assume. Have you heard something specific about them not releasing the i3?

The i3 has always been a good budget/entry-level gaming option, slightly more expensive than AMD's budget option, but typically faster. In 2015-2017 (pre-Ryzen), the i3 could typically hang with AMD's fastest gaming CPUs. Then, games began using more multi-threading and the 2C/4T i3 began losing it's spunk. As you have mentioned, the i3 has doubled its cores and now hangs with the older flagship Core i7s.

I don't think the i3 is going anywhere anytime soon.


Intel will hold onto the i3 for as long as there is an i-core cpu. It's far too popular in the budget Walmart/HP/Lenovo crowd. Not everyone has a need or use for a gaming pc, just want something quick, new and cheap in order to watch YouTube cat videos and balance their checkbook.


May 13, 2021
I think the i3s and below are the CPUs to benefit the most from E cores. Personally I think a 2P 4E might be better for i3 rather than the 4P. All the ADL laptops have E cores but not the desktop.