News The Logitech Brio 4K Webcam Is Reduced to $139: Real Deals


Jan 1, 2017
This camera is a huge disappointment. 4K support looks awful.

It's... a bit more complicated than that, it's a 4K camera with huge caveats, not by their own fault.

First off, it's a very wide angle camera by default, not preferred by many, and can only be changed by their software or some advanced video software, which brings me to the other issue, which is that 4K can only be supported by advanced video software, and not all of it supports switching the shot angle

I have not tried in Windows 11, but in older 10 versions, the operating system did not support 4K shooting or switching, and I don't think macOS's own photoboth does either.

I don't think this camera works well on linux either, so that's a warning.