[SOLVED] The Most Random Shut off ever.

Apr 2, 2023
Board Gigabyte B650M DS3H Bios Version (F6a - 23/3/2023)
Ryzen 7950x (Corsair H150i Elite)
Corsair RM1000x 80 Plus Gold,
2x 16Gb Corsair 6000MHz Vengeance Ram
2TB Samsung 990 Pro
RTX 4070Ti

Will Randomly shut off, Have done Bios Updates, Firmware Updates, and Tests.
Ran Memtest for 5 hours no errors and no shutdown.
Ran Prime95 / Cinebench for a couple of hours 2, No Shutdown.
Furmark, for about an hour and no shutdown.

But I can open up Chrome, watch 5 minutes of AppleTV / Netflix,it just shuts off.
tested with my old working PSU, from my Old System Corsair 850w still "shuts off", Sometimes, Ram / CPU LED's stay on, Sometimes just shows Power on the Case. but, everytime the Screen goes Blank. (Does it on the Onboard GPU 2). A Couple times take out keyboard / Mouse, it comes back, sometimes not.
Put my GTX 1080 Back in and tested still shuts off. Doesn't matter where ram sits, will do it, tested it with each single stick in each slot. RanMemtest across them. no Shutoff.
Tested EXPO on and Off. Cleared CMOS each time.

Have reinstalled Windows 3 times now, still does it.

Sometimes, the Mobo stays on.. and if your taxing the CPU, it comes back. most a hard power off and back on fixes it, windows doesn't report an error before the Hard Power off.
I played a Ue5 Game for well over 16 hours, no issues.. But closed out, opened up edge / chrome.. and shut off in about 6 minutes. I changed all windows Power Settings to Never power off USB / Goto Sleep.. im at a Loss now..
Might just Switch to the X670 set.. it has to be Motherboard right.. I have Taken the CPU Cooler off, and Made sure not too tight, (CPU ramped to 85Degrees, and scaled down etc) but issue still happens.
It is almost like the PC is saying, Put me to work.. your measly Youtube video.. only isn't enough, so im powering off now.. haha

Funily enough, I opened the Same game I had going for 16 hours, then opened up Youtube on the other screen, never crashed after a few hours of Watching. Closed down the Game, opened same video and Poof.. Shut off. I am at a complete loss, is perhaps the Board Fluctuating power too much / little when not under load?... I might Look into undervolting the CPU tonight, and Have another round of Tests haha.
Couple of Tests: Will Pop up others tonight.


As you Can see, I have EXPO on in the first Test, and Off on the second, Runs 3DMARK, CIneBench, Heaven, Gaming.. Fine it seems. 1 Measly Youtube.. Not so much haha.
Anything I might of Missed that I should check? I saw something about C_States, and Disabled that in Bios but it still randomly turns off / Shuts Down (Error Code 41). but thats recorded when I hit the PowerButton to PSU, and it cold boots again.
Pulling my Hair out, as all new parts, I am Leaning Heavy on Mobo issue, but.. its odd.. to shut off randomly..
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Are the sticks of ram populating slots A2 and B2? As for your BIOS update, did you clear the CMOS after you'd verified that the BIOS was successfully updated to the latest version?

Have reinstalled Windows 3 times now, still does it.
Where did you source the installer for your OS? Did you recreate the bootable USB installer to rule out a corrupt installer? As for your drivers, were they all installed manually in an elevated command, Right click installer>Run as Administrator?
Apr 2, 2023
Set everything back to stock, with CMOS reset, and witnessed crash again, so.. I went extreme.. EXPO on again, youtube crashed, off crashed so.. Expo on isn't the issue. Set my Vcore SOC and CPU Vcore from Auto to High.. haven't had a crash all night, so VCore Auto is still an Issue :/.. so might be a VCore fluctuation issue, that was seen in like the 3000 series...