Question "The operating system did not shutdown cleanly. Reconstructing Cache Metadata."


Dec 28, 2016
Hey everyone! If there's another thread that solves this specific problem, please link me as I can't find one that pertains to this problem.

Posting this on a friend's behalf since he has limited data and internet availability so I can relay this information to him.

My friend is currently having trouble with his computer after having moved. Here's the screen that pops up, before turning into a boot up loop.

Some things of importance
  • Tried shutting down 3 times to get into the Recovery Environment, by his words it'll say it's loading then just go back into the loop.
  • It is apparently not a hard drive issue as he has already checked that, and thinks it might be his OS acting up.
  • It has apparently done this before when the computer was shut off improperly, but auto repair loaded just fine in the past cases.
  • For bios, he has checked the master boot plan and briefly changed it to boot into CSM, which is how he got the no operating system found message in the first place.
That's all the information I can relay at the moment. If there is any more information that is required to help, I'll ask him and immediately update it whenever I can.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated - thank you so much!


Win 10 Master
That isn't a windows error I seen before - from what i can tell its actually the bios
has he checked he has the latest bios on the device?

one suggested fix is go into bios and just save & exit the settings,
another is try reseating the ram sticks and see if it stops error showing - if you have 2 or more sticks in PC, try running with just 1 stick and see if that helps. If it doesn't try another stick.
see if he has intel rapid storage option in bios and turn it off

i don't know if the answer here will work on a Lenovo since its on a HP forum -