The Right Timing: Playing "Mirage: Arcane Warfare" At PAX East

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Dec 5, 2012
Is this one buggy / ridiculous too? Can you still kill people by hitting them with a maul moving at 0.01 m/s by just looking to the right while swinging to the left? Is it still unplayable at over 50 ms ping? Can weapons still pass straight through objects (like shields, weapons, thin trees) simply by looking in the direction it's moving fast enough?

In most games discrete collision detection is "good enough". This kind of game is not one of them - or at least, if it could be good enough, it isn't implemented well enough.

And perhaps most worryingly, I can envision perfectly clearly a "squishy character that focuses on ranged magic attacks" that looks suspiciously like the maddeningly obnoxious archers from Chivalry.

Chivalry only barely worked because the physical interactions weren't very complex - you can only move forward, back, left, right, and jump, your hitbox (for movement collision detection purposes, though the weapon-collision hitbox hardly seems better) is a cylinder, etc. It was extremely easy to get stuck in terrain, bouncing on top of other players for eternity, fall through certain spots of the map, heck even walking straight through walls in certain cases. I can only imagine these problems will be made especially prominent with the emphasis on special moves and magic and stuff.

That said, I wish them the best of luck. Who knows, maybe the reason Chivalry has been broken so long is that they've been working the entire time to get this game right.

But for me, Chivalry has pretty much ruined any hope of keeping my sanity and being a game developer in the future. Every time I think about how I would implement something vaguely related to physics or collision detection, I remember Chivalry and become something of a perfectionist.
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