There is no difference between 1080p and 4K right?


Dec 3, 2011
I mean according to these 4 screenshots:

Yes, technically, there is a difference; however, only after a "tryhard" attempt of ZOOOOMINGGG the image way the hell up. This lead me to ask the question, is there a difference under normal circumstances where both images were not zoomed up and kept at normal non-zoomed quality? and what about under normal condition of "regular" distant from your face while sitting at a computer? there is no difference right?

Under normal condition, there are no zooming so no one can tell the difference, so there's no point in buying an 1080p ti or whatever and a 4K monitor right? just still with a 780 or whatever?....and game developer should just make the graphics look better and ignore the resolution hype?


Oct 25, 2014
Difference between 4k and 1080p screen cannot be seen on a non-4k screen.

You will need to see the 4k image on a 4k monitor, and a 1080p image on an 1080p monitor of the same size.

Also static images often do not show the VQ of 4k.

There are games which look significantly different between 4k and 1080p. FFXIII is one such example.


Feb 3, 2016




Mar 11, 2016
This make me laugh. I assume you are looking at these pictures on a 1080p screen, yes?
How do you expect to see all 3,840 x 2,160 pixels on a screep that only has 1920 x 1080 pixels on it!


May 8, 2016

Mk I have a MSI GAMING X 1070. I have a 27" 1080p 144hz, a 27" 4K 60hz monitor, & a 50" tv. I also have a friend who has a 4K tv & 1440p monitor, we've ran test hooking my computer up to it. So I'm official squashing this bull crap right now.

The bigger your screen the more the resolution of an image stretches those pixels in the picture across the screen. Assuming you always sit the recommended distance based off screen size from monitor & tv it is unoticable the difference between 1080p & 4K for most screen sizes.

So why buy 4K you ask?

Here's why someone sitting 3-7ft from a 27" 1440p monitor will notice no difference in image quality from a 4K monitor.

Someone sitting 3-7 feet from a 34" monitor would but that's way to close to your face for a monitor that big. So with monitors 1440p 28" is best you should get for realistic pc gaming.

On the TV front the larger your screen the easier it is to see things at further depths in gameplay. Like Tomb Raider 2013 trying to shoot guys far away with an arrow is significantly easier on a 78" over a 50" tv. But on a 78" tv 1080 is to far spread & looks pixelated. A perfect example of this play gears of war 1 on a 50" tv. So this is where resolution comes in to make up for the stretched picture. Now can someone tell the difference between 1080p 50" & 4K 78" besides easier to see from larger screen no they can't. Pretty much because it looks identical. The difference is negligible. 4K is meant to fill the pixels & large screen areas anyone who says they can see a difference is horse shit & trying to justify a retard main stream buy. My girlfriend has 24-22 vision & she confirmed all our test between 1080p/1440p/4k.

If you have a smaller screen even like 21" 1080p vs a 21" 1440p vs a 4k 21" there would be no noticeable difference unless your face was glued to the screen. Any difference you see is in quality of panel. Possible brand/ color accuracy upgrade.

We drew this conclusion by testing my 1080p 27" vs a 1440p 28" vs my 4k 27" on some games the 1080p had hardly noticeable jags mostly world of Warcraft. On all the battlefields it was very difficult to tell. But one thing that was consistent was literally 0 I mean 0 difference in an asus 1440p 28" & a asus 27" 4k.

My recommendations

1. 24" or lower 1080p
2. 25" or higher 1440p
3. Anything over 28" you might as well bought a tv and sat further way you'll be turning your head to much.

TV suggestions:

1. 720p console like Xbox 360 or Wii U don't pass 43" tv at 1080p

Nintendo NX,PS4,Xbone 1080p for anything 50" or under even 55" is subjective I'd say depends on user more at that point.

3. Anything over 55" go 4k upscale consoles & hook your pc up to it for enjoying controller support & steam big picture mode.

Oh one last thing we did an Nvidia Dsr 4k test on my 1080p 50" tv vs native 4k on his 78" for the sole purpose of testing higher resolution textures in bf1 & need for speed 4k textures. Also no difference it's like installing realism mod that's only available if you have 4k active dynamic or native.

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