Question Thermal paste

Sep 30, 2019
So I have a z390 Maximus Hero XI with a i9-9900k .I know i9-9900ks run hot, but will a good quality thermal paste knock the temperature down more? I got a H115i Platinum and am using the paste that came with it . Has anyone used a better quality thermal paste that brought down their CPU temps significantly? Or at least saw some results? What kind of results did you get out of it (degree wise) and what type paste did you use? Is it worth it ? Any recommendations on high performance thermal pastes for i9-9900k.
Here is a link to the recent Guru3d Thermal Paste round up which covers all the major thermal pastes on the market and it is tested on a 9900K. Personally I currently use the Cooler Master Master Gel Maker and Gelid GC Extreme before which is also very good. I found the Cooler Master just a little better due to the consistency of the paste as it was fairly easy to spread and the temps are great and within parity of GC Extreme. I run a 8700K overclocked to 4.9GHz with a Corsair H150i AIO and have absolutely no issues on temps at all...Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is also highly recommended but I found it hard to apply.,1.html