Three Laps On 'Gran Turismo Sport' In VR, Hands On

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I think the first-person plural gets a little odd when you're describing things that are obviously just related to one person ("we immediately pressed our foot to the gas"), and there's even a lapse into first-person singular at one point.

Anyway... hopefully the nausea is just a sign that the game isn't quite complete yet. Might be low performance or they might need to make some other tweaks. Usually cockpit VR games can be made pretty mild, nausea-wise.

I like that they've ditched the racing line, that should be reasonably simple to figure out yourself (and part of the skill of driving). Indicators for the braking point are more crucial IMO (and braking points are more about memorization than necessarily skill).
Its a new erra, games that are not performant wont just cause lag they will make you vomit. I can see reviews now, buy xxxx GPU if you don't want to barf playing new game xxxxx. Will need a barf factor chart to show how likely you are to barf playing a game with a certain GPU.



Well, why do you think Oculus and Valve published minimum specs for their HMDs? Developers are supposed to make sure their games run well on those platforms, including minimum framerate. That said, I have heard that using higher-end GPUs can indeed help, sometimes. It reduces latency and it seems there's often some framedrop on lower-end platforms.

In this case, a PS4 is a PS4 (unless it's a PS4 Pro). And I'm guessing the demo ran on a PS4 Pro. So, they really can't blame the hardware.

The issue here is more that your virtual self is accelerating, while your physical self is stationary. That's not something better hardware will help. That's exactly the type of thing VR developers should avoid, in order to minimize the chances of making people sick. There are some tricks they can use to mitigate it, such as having a cockpit with smaller windows or cutting down your peripheral vision.

For racing games, there's not much you can do, short of putting the cockpit in a centrifuge or at least adding some mechanical actuators. However, racing on larger circuits should lessen the effect.
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