Ti4200-8x in PCI mode?


Feb 5, 2004
I just installed a Ti4200-8x video card, installed the latest drivers from Nvidia, 53.03, and I have the latest BIOS on my mb and all is up to date, but for some reason, in the advanced settings, it says the card is in PCI mode. Everytime I try to change it to 1x,2x,or 4x, it changes it back to PCI mode when I hit APPLY. What gives? For anyone with a similiar card, please look at your's and see what it says.

***I figured it out guys! If you have a motherboard with the Intel i845 chipset and are running Windows XP Pro, you have to download and install Intel's Application Installation Utility !!!!!! It writes the .inf files to windoze so it knows how to use the hardware properly.

XP-Pro SP-1
Celeron 2G @ 2672Mhz (133fsb) stock voltage
Asus P4GE-V motherboard
512MB PC2100 DDR RAM
GeForce3 Ti200 oc'd @ 225/500 with lapped TT Crystal Orb and ram sinks
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Jun 16, 2002
So you mean you forgot to install the chipset drivers? You ALWAYS need to install them to get AGP to work.

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