Tomb raider-legend problem!!!


Sep 17, 2012
I recently installed tomb raider legend on my computer.The problem is that the game is working slow.My PC specs are-

1)Intel Pentium 4 HT processor.
2)2 GB ram.
3)Ati radeon xperess 200 series graphic card.

I earlier used to play Tomb raider Anniversary on same PC specs and the game used to work very fine.

Please help me ???
your way under spec...
3)Ati radeon xperess 200 series graphic card. theres no such thing...
xpress 200 is a chipset series that supported the x300 intergrated gfx onboard which is direct x 9.0 but will be very poor on this game as it uses some fairly high end dx9 features. all you can do is drop the settings to minimum and drop the rez to 800/600.
then when you have some cash try and get a low powered dedicated gfx card like an ati 3650