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Kunra Zether

Jun 25, 2016
Thank you so much it's so hard to find decent backgrounds with the right branding that's are not super tiny that you have to stretch. Really like that seasonic
So I looked through and didn't see one so I'm requesting this along with a few questions. I noticed you started putting game characters into the pics but does the character have to be game related?

Anywho, I noticed that you've done some cooolers before so I'm hoping you can do another.

I'd like a wallpaper for the Kraken X62 rev. 2.0 in a black and blue color scheme. (think Tron Legacy)
And if at all possible throw a picture of Quora from Tron Legacy into the mix (assuming that the character doesn't have to be game related.)
I'd like the pic to kind of give off that cold blue cooling feel with the black and blue scheme.

Here are some pics for the cooler
Pic #1
Pic #2
Pic #3

And on a side note if it's possible to do the MSI Gaming X 4G 1050 TI but change the red and black to blue and black that would be dope. If not I understand.
Just in case you will do it here are pics

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