Took my jeep in for oil change, the shop added1.25 qts of the wrong anti freeze

Apr 17, 2019
I have a 2014 wrangler 38k miles. It recently started to dtive without power and a ticking tapping noise started at the same time as the power weakened. I took the jeep into the dealer and after being told the cam shaft was bad and wsrranty will cover it ( left on my voice mail) i was called 3 days later and was told the jeep had the wrong anti freeze put into the radiator. The service dept then told me the powertrain warrany will not cover the engine becauce of the incorrect antifreeze. The jeep was taken by my son to a local valvoline shop to get a synthetic oil change at 34k miles. The receipt from valvoline states that 1.25 qts of premium anti freeze was added to the jeep as a courtesy. No charge. Well..... it looks as if valvoline added the incorrect antifreeze. Im not sure where to go from here. I cannot drive the jeep, the dealer will not help me. What do i do. Please help, any info on how to navigate this nightmare would be appropriate.


I would contact a lawyer not a technology forum.
Valvoline performed a courtesy, one you had not asked for and that courtesy destroyed the vehicle. return the courtesy and sue them.
you go for an appendectomy and have a lung removed, the doctor is liable for the screw up.


Oct 11, 2017
Go to a different dealer or complain to FCA. FCA Dealerships are notorious for not honoring warranties for <Mod Edit> reasons. A different dealer will have a different opinion. Anti-freeze is there to keep your coolant from freezing, boiling, and lubricating the system. Just as long as they didn't "top up" your coolant with an IAT coolant then it shouldn't cause issues.
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no way the wrong antifreeze can cause a camshaft to go.its likely that the oil change place added universal antifreeze.the dealership was just looking for a way a lawyer is your last do that and jeep gets its lawyers on defence and you are in it for the long haul.first thing to do is write a letter to jeep head office explaining your polite and ask for their help.ive been a mechanic for over 30 years and believe me this is how to proceed.if all else fails,well you are in for a long possibly unwinnable lawsuit.