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Question Torn between putting i7 7700 on my system or replacing a motherboard with i5 8500..Please advice

Oct 20, 2019
The system is ONLY for single player/missing gaming such as Creed (3. blag flag etc), Red Dead, GTA5, Metro, Division, GEARS5,Hitman,Far Cry,Modern Warfare etc. I dont play online. Only Division Dark zone seldom

Currently I have
Asus H110-A/M.2
i5 7500
Gigabyte 2080 Super
Baracuda 1TB Seagate
Gigabyte 120GB SSD (OS plus one/two games at a time)
16 GB 2400 RAM Crucial
Zalman 600W PSU
Zalman R1 Case

I checked many reviews on 8500 vs 7700. Slightly torn

  1. For me getting motherboard and 8500 is cheaper then getting i7 7700 which will not need a new motherboard
  2. Seems as 8500 still better in many games which I will still play (older games 2-3 years).
  3. I have never changed motherboard or installed CPU or did BIOS. So maybe getting i7 7700 will be easier for me
4)i7 7700 is more expensive for me in NZ then getting a new MOBO and 8500 so I am quite tempted
  1. I dont want to change case. I just want to get a new MOBO and CPU and connect all my existing parts and make my life easier
  2. My monitor is 1440 overclocked to 74Hz. In future I may get 4K so this system will be 4K system

Therefore, would you advise me 8500 ? Is it hard to change motherboard with the whole system? Is there anything odd that I should be aware of?
Is it as easy as putting a new motherboard in and placing all the parts?

Please advice on which cheapest motherboard I can get for my 8500/2080 system that is similar in layout as Asus h110-A/m.2 and also good for games.

I am getting a 750W PSU Corsair as well

I have taken a pic of my system in case one wondering but I know you guys are experts. My main concern is Case-motherboard size issue.

Real big thanks.
Oct 20, 2019
Thanks. Please advise which good motherboard to get. The most basic and cheap one but good enough for games. I will not do OC or any fancy stuff
B360/B365 is fine; as you have a great GPU, I'd be looking at the 8700 minimum...(preferring it for thread count over the newer thread challenged 9400-9600 and below, if the 9700 is out of budget)

Near-'Pinnacle status' would be a 9700K/Z390 combo but that involves $50 more on a cooler, and an additional $40-$50 more on Z390 mainboard over a B365....

But, I'd think a 9700K/ 2080 would last 4-5 years easily! (You really only 'need' a 2080 if planning on high refresh 1440P or 4K gaming, you can save a couple hundred by opting for a 2060 Super if planning on 1080P; the RX5700XT is also competitive for less money)
If you ditch the small SSD and slow spinning drive, you could probably just get a single Crucial MX500 in 1 TB size for $105 total...; spinning drives have their places when needing 2 TB or more, but, there is little need for a 1 TB spinner any more. (If you already have them, use them until tired of 'space shuffling', or until the spinner fails..
Oct 20, 2019
^^^its all good. I am just keeping it for whaytever. I am happy with my SSD and might get another one to run games.

I got myself Asus motherboard B360 with i5 8500. Saw reviews and it worked great with 2080 Super at high resolutions.

As long as I can do 1440p all ultra settings with 60+fps I am happy


Apr 3, 2018
The I7-7700 is very expensive for what it gives and it is also a dead end. In a short time you will have to change the mobo anyway.

Changing the mobo means that if your license of windows 10 is OEM, you may need to buy a new license because Microsoft considers it new equipment. If it is retail license, no problem. However, you may be able to transfer your OEM license if your PC is connected to your Microsoft user and you have not done so before. I recommend you research this topic.

Your current system underutilizes 2400 memories that actually run only to 2133. Although Intel is not as sensitive as AMD to the speed of memories if it is recommended that they run at least 2666.

If you are not going to do OC choose the cheapest B365 mobo that has the connectors you need.

The I5-8500 is overpriced (in my country). Look at I5-9400, I5-9400F (o better I5-9600K I5-9600KF). "F" cpu lacks of integrated graphic (but you have discrete one). Remember then "K" CPUs do not include stock cooler. Anyway, the intel cooler stock is bad and a better one should be used.
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