Question Tough issue, computer boots, loads windows, fresh install, but then resets and/or boot loops

Sep 11, 2019
Hello everyone, please help as this has me stumped.

The Problem:

After installing windows fresh from a USB, it resets and I enter the OOBE(Out of box experience) to setup windows 10. Then after a short while (1 min) the computer will reset and/or get stuck in a boot loop. (Looping every 2 seconds)

The Cause:

The resets and looping is only caused when I plug my keyboard and/or mouse in and use it. (after about 1 min) If I turn on the computer with the keyboard and mouse plugged in, it wont reset till I actually use the keyboard or mouse and if I turn on the computer, wait, then plug in the keyboard and mouse it will pretty much turn off instantly when I use it. Any other USB device does not cause the issue and ANY keyboard and mouse will cause it.

Solutions I have tried + other weird stuff which complicates things:

  • Have tested with multiple keyboard and mice, they work perfectly in any other computer
  • I have used 3 different power supplies (2 Silverstone 500W and an Antec 650W)
  • I have used 2 different motherboards (ASUS Strix B450-I and Asrock Fatal1ty B450 ITX/ac)
  • I have used 2 different graphics cards and no graphics card(RX 580 and GTX 1060 ti)
  • I have used 3 different RAM types, 6 sticks all together, have tested all of them, they work in my friends computer, have tested with 1 module populated and both as well. (Various types of Corsair Vengeance RAM)
  • Have removed the power button cord from the motherboard after startup to make sure that wasn't resetting it
  • I have not replaced the CPU but I have inspected it and there are no bent pins or thermal paste getting into the socket, it is also not overheating as I have felt the back of the motherboard
  • I have reset CMOS by removing the battery
  • The BIOS has been updated on both motherboards
  • The problem occurs both when computer is in it's case and when on a wooden bench
  • Throughout this process I have reseated everything and removed and put back in power cords multiple times
  • The problem STILL persists when I use Ubuntu OS, both when booting off the SSD AND off a USB
  • The problem DOES NOT occur when in bios and windows safe mode (computer will stay on as long as I want and I can use the mouse and keyboard for as long as I want)
  • My current motherboard has an LED indicator which lights up certain colours corresponding the different parts of the board when it boots. (in the order of RAM, CPU, VGA, BOOT) When caught in a boot loop it will get to the RAM then reset, gets to the RAM, reset, etc. (Fans will reset but no other LED turns off while boot looping happens)
My current setup:

CPU: Ryzen 2600
RAM: Corsair 3000 Mhz (2x8GB) CMK16GX4M2B3000C15(ver 5.32)
GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX580
PSU: Silverstone 500W SFX
SSD: Samsung EVO 860

Important to note:

- I managed to play on my new computer successfully for a week before this problem randomly occurred. At the time when the problem occurred I had the same parts except:

MoBo: Asrock Fatal1ty B450 ITX/ac
PSU: Silverstone 500W SFX-L

- None of the RAM I have tried with is on the QVL, I think. My current corsair one is except the (ver 5.32) at the end. At this moment I am thinking I need to place to RAM again with something on the QVL (which might be hard to find) or replace the CPU even though it boots fine.

Thank you for reading all this, if I come up with anything or if I forgot something I will comment below, cheers.