Question Transferring WhatsApp conversations into PC


Jul 20, 2016
I bought my wife a new iPhone XS late last year, but one thing we both did not do was to backup her WhatsApp conversations that were on her previous iPhone 6S into iCloud or iTunes before moving to her new phone.
Now, the WhatsApp on the 6S is about to expire and my wife would very much like to keep the chats in some manner. She had kept the phone completely offline all this while, which kept the app as is and she's been able to scroll through the conversations without issue.

I was wondering if backing up to iTunes would work, but since there's technically two different backups now (i.e one on her XS, and another one on the 6S) we're unsure what would happen when we do a backup.

Would anyone be able to recommend a way for us to save the conversations, inclusive of all the photos and files?
Well, if you click on 3 dots when in app on the phone with the messages you want to back up (but at message screen), choose settings, chats, chat backup, and back up to google drive.

You need a google account to do it. Then when you've logged into it, you can set the frequency of the back up, and whether to store media too (there's an option to include videos). Keep in mind though, when you back up to google drive, your messages and media are no longer protected by end-to-end encryption, at least for the duration you have them backed up. Once you reload on to a local device (new phone) you could then delete the back up from google drive to ensure safety.

Good luck :)