Question trash or upgrade RAM?

Jun 16, 2022
Hi, I've searched around a bit about this particular laptop model but I have a feeling its such junk that I probably shouldn't waste my time. Its the Lenovo IdeaPadAMD A6-9220e (ASIN B081GMHQLR) and holy crap its SLOOOOW. Bought it for kid thinking it'd be OK and long story short, I was wrong. I'd love opinions and/or guidance on upgrading RAM or a suggestion for a completely new laptop that costs around $300 and doesn't SUCK. Yeah, it's a lot to ask I guess. Thanks though!


eMMC storage and likely soldered on 4GB of ram. IF it has a ram slot, you could maybe get it up to 20GB with a 16GB stick.

I would just return it if possible, or sell it for as much as you can get.

I will look into some decent options.


For somewhat decent gaming, you'll need a little more:
$600, but with a discrete GPU.

Probably the best deal at $330:

1th gen i5, 512GB SSD, 16GB of ram, and Intel's slightly better Irix Xe level graphics.

Lenovo Refurb $299, 11th gen i3, 256GB SSD, 8GB of ram

Possibly the best light gamer:
ASUS Refurb $299, Ryzen 3250U Vega 3 graphics, 8GB ram, 256GB SSD

$315 Acer 11th gen i3, 128GB SSD, 4GB ram


11th gen i3, 128GB, 4GB of memory. Not sure if it is eMMC flash, but it is possible.

Cheapest options go for $429, there might be hidden coupon codes you can use on this, but it is straight from Dell. EMPOFF50 sometimes works for $50 off.
11th gen i3, 1x8GB of ram, 128GB SSD, integrated Intel graphics.

Quite old, but does have a discrete GPU, $299:
i7-6700HQ, 8GB, 256GB SSD, Radeon R7 M360