TridentZ RGB and RGB Fusion

Oct 27, 2018
Using RGB Fusion to control the lighting on my motherboard (Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7), memory (16GB (2x8GB) TridentZ RGB), and case (Phanteks Enthoo Luxe), and I notice that.. every once in a while, maybe once an hour, the LEDs on one of the modules of memory will blink off, and then back on really quickly to the set color. (Green currently, if it matters somehow.)

Has anyone else had this happen with RGB Fusion at all?

I didn't notice it (the module) do this at all until I started using RGB Fusion and set the memory to a static color and left it. I've heard RGB Fusion isn't exactly the best RBG software available, so if there was something else I could try that's much better and can still control the items I listed above, that'd be fantastic.

Hopefully the LEDs on that module aren't dying; replacing the kit would require the removal of the cooler (be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4) and that thing was an absolute nightmare to install.

I'm thinking (and hoping) it's an RGB Fusion issue; everything else is fine (SPD data, notably) aside from the random blink.