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Question Trojan that does absolutely nothing?


Jul 26, 2013
I recently did a scan on my PC using Malwarebytes and to my surprise it turned out I had a Trojan, specifically Phorpiex.E. I did what anybody else would do, I deleted the items, rebooted and found that the folder and its files had been restored on their own. After another scan and deletion the folder came back once again.
The thing is, aside from these files replacing themselves I can't tell if they are doing anything. The files are in C:/ProgramData/MMAHhpWyFn . Inside the folder there are three files with no extension, cfg,cfgi, and db7d40ff05_3.1.0. The total size of this folder is 7kb.
Malwarebytes recognizes all of these files as Trojan.Phorpiex.E however when running them through Virustotal the files are considered clean.
What I'm wondering is, should I be worried about these files? As far as I can tell the machine is running perfectly fine, but the fact that I can't delete these "trojans" is a bit unsettling. Something is clearly causing these files to return after every reboot.
What do you guys think, should I just format and start fresh or is this some bizarre false positive?
Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Oct 25, 2017
If Trojan does absolutely nothing, then it's not a Trojan, but since your antivirus says it's Trojan, it must be Trojan doing something you just don't see. If these files are coming back over and over, clearly they are doing something. I doubt hacker would create them for nothing. If your anti virus is unable to clean them, it's really a better idea to do clean Windows install.
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