Trouble Booting Newly Built Computer


Nov 27, 2005
Ive gone through the hassle of changing wiring, getting new parts, and visisted various websites, but I am still having trouble building my friend's new computer. The problem is after putting together all the parts, we turn on the computer and nothing shows up on the monitor, and I dont hear the beep noise that computer is suppose to make when you turn it in. I suspect the problem could have to do something with bios loading from the motherboard. I would greatly appreciate some advice to fix this problem, so I am able to boot up the computer and access the bios. Any advice or help would be great thanks.


Feb 5, 2002
well #1 what parts DID you change and what Wires did you change?

Have you changed Video Card? PSU?

Do you know for sure your PSU is working properly?

Post some more info.


To get beep codes, you have to connect up a system speaker. Most cases dont come with them any more.
If this is a used case, make sure there are no standoffs in the wrong place.
To be sure the basics work, set the mobo on a phone book or cutting board, and attach only 1 stick of ram, graphics card, chip, with hsf, and psu. If it posts, you know these parts are good.