Question trouble creating system image


Mar 22, 2014
I am attempting to create a system image of my Windows 10 OS, but get a "backup failed" there is not enough disk space to create volume shadow copy, etc. I believe my problem lies in the system reserve partition, as it only has 19MB free and the minimum is 50MB, but I am not offered the option to extend the volume, only shrink it (and change volume letter, Properties and help). I tried the FSUTIL command but was informed by my system that change journal is not running.

The more I read up on this , the more confused I get. My 1 TB destination drive is new, formatted and empty. My recovery partition is 561 MB and 561MB are free, so that should not be an issue. The only thing I think hanging me is the system reserve volume free space.

What do I do to correct this? I am trying to create a system image so I can re-install windows to a different drive in GPT format to take advantage of UEFI mode. I am aware of the MBR2GPT command, but my mobo always defaults to the other drive(NVME) when I go into BIOS, so it would make life easier to have my OS there. I prefer to leave my OS in the other drive until I get everything done, in case something goes wrong.