Question Trouble Finding the Right Monitor


Oct 5, 2008
I'd like to upgrade my monitors, but I am a little overwhelmed with all of the options that are out there. I've read/watched many reviews, but I'm still a little lost. Any help you could offer is appreciated. If you think it would be best to wait on this purchase, I can do that too. Thank you!

Current Setup: These have done me well, but I would like to upgrade both of them. I'm currently running 2 monitors:
  • An old Dell U3011 (2560x 1600) as the main, and
  • an equally old Dell P2310H (1080x1920) in portrait.
Main Monitor:
  • Gaming, Photoshop, Video Editing
  • The ideal monitor would have the following characteristics:
    • 4k
    • Between 32" and 34"
    • 16x10 aspect ratio (I realize these are a dying bread, but I hate losing the vertical space by going wide/ultra wide )
    • 165hz refresh/high response time for gaming
    • Full HDR
    • High color accuracy
    • I am accustomed to a flat (non-curved display), but I am open to other options
2nd Monitor:
  • I would like to keep this monitor in portrait
  • I use this mostly for coding, managing emails, and moving windows off of the main screen.
  • Going slightly larger than my current 23" monitor might be nice, but I am flexible on this.
  • Though it would be nice to upgrade this second monitor (the viewing angle is awful), I can also live with what I have.
Final Comment:
  • I like the vertical space of 16x10 for the main monitor, but I realize that I may have to let go of that in order to go 4k, higher refresh, better response, etc.
  • Budget: my budget is fairly open. I upgrade my monitor so seldom that I am willing to splurge on this
  • Aesthetics are kind important to me, and I would like to keep a clean a setup as possible.
Thank you, again!
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