Question Trouble opening the "merged_partition_content" folder that was created after merging 3 partitions. The folder should contain al my personal data.

May 28, 2019
First of all I have to mention that I have the very severe medical condition called being a * idiot and I didn't backup my hard drive's content before I went Frankenstein on it and sewed al the partitions together.

Before the merge I had 1 hdd drive divided into 3 partitions:

(C) Windows: Contains windows and all installed programs

(D) Storage: Contains all my personal data (300gb ish)

(E) Backups: Empty...

Edit: I merged D and E in C

I used Mini-Tool Partition Wizard to merge them all into 1 and left it running overnight. The next day everything seemed fine. When I tried to acces the document folder it gave an error, but this was expected because the (D) drive it pointed to no longer existed.

The trouble started when I tried to acces the merged_partition_content folder that was created in the (D) drive. After double clicking it, it first asks me to run it as admin and after doing so windows try's really hard to open it, but just before the green bar in the file explorer reaches the end, it disappears without a trace and nothing happens. It just stops trying to open the folder after a while, without even giving an error message or something. I tried it multiply times, without any succes.

I don't really know what other options I have left to do because I have no information to go after. I don't know if the data is corrupted or not or it or it has something to do with file permissions, I don't know. Maybe if I can't work it out I can try a data recovery program, but those are often either limited or expensive and i don't even know if my data is gone or not.

How could I fix or at least damage control this?
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Try running TestDisk and see if that will show the old partition info you can recover to. Seems like nothing too major happened with the data but it may be messed up enough that anything you recover would be garbage.