Trouble Setting Up a Minecraft Server


Jun 24, 2012
I am trying to set up a minecraft server.
My router is a Thomson-Alcatel TG782T, and my ISP is Bigpond. I am running Windows 7.
I have followed these steps, taken from in trying to set up the server, :

I logged into the tomson gateway web interface. I have chosen to "create a new game or application". I then chose "manual entry of port maps".
I entered the protocol as "Any". In the port range, i typed "25565-25565" and in the "translate to" section I typed 25565. In trigger protocol i selected "any" and i left the trigger port field blank. I then clicked "add" then "apply".
Next I selected the "Assign a game or application to a local network device" menu. I selected minecraft server from the list of games and applications. I then had to select my host computer, but if i select it from the list, the page refreshes and nothing happens, so i had to manually type in my device's ip address. I typed in my IPv4 address. The minecraft server is now listed as it should be.
Next, I disabled my firewall.
Next, I downloaded the minecraft server software from, ran it, signed in to make sure everything was working, then told my friend to log in (from his house) using the ip i got when i typed "my ip address" into google.
It did not work. I am not sure what his error message was. Both our copies of MC are legit, the latest versions. THe server software is the latest version. We are both able to connect to many other servers easily. I have triple checked everything I have done, but I don't see any fault.

So, what have I done wrong?