Troubleshooting Floppy Drive recognition


Sep 16, 2006
Hello all,
I have come across an issue that I have yet to see while building PCs.

Background info:
1) No software or drivers have been installed yet
2) Floppy Drive is getting power and does work on my other box
3) I am getting into the BIOS

Once in the bios and I have changed the settings, the trouble starts. After I save and leave the BIOS to reboot, I cannot get the computer to restart unless I reset/clear the CMOS memory. When I attempt to boot from CD without changing the BIOS, I get the obvious error that it cannot find the drivers.

I am using an Abit AB9 Pro Mobo

Any thoughts as to how to get past this recognition issue? The light for the floppy is on, but it doesn't appear that I can get to the floppy to install the Jmicro SATA drivers to proceed.

Could the mobo just be faulty? What am I missing?

Thanks for your assistance!