Trying to get two IPtvs to work on ASUS RTAC66u?..


Feb 5, 2011
Hi all...

I live in Sweden and my internet provider is "Telia" and i had problem with their router i think it was "Technicolor 799v2" so i bought new ASUS RT AC66u router so i can replace it. Now i have fiber optic internet so i made the connection from "inteno" router LAN 1 port to WLAN port on my asus. Then from Asus router to my other devices: LAN 1 to PC , LAN2 TO second PC, LAN 3 to IPtv box and port 4 to my second IPtv box (i made port 4 to work on my iptv with VID 845.)

Now all ports work just fine and they are doing great but port 3 is driving me crazy now for 2 days i can get the port 3 to works as port 4 for my second IPtv box and i dont know why...

I tried with different VID 243 its code for second IPtv but no luck. I just keep getting error message "no connection to your router"

All i want it to use port 3 for my second IPtv box as i do with port 4.

Port 4 is working fine and i can watch TV but not with the other box that is connected to port 3 on ASUS router.

How to make it work guys? Please help...