Question trying to moniter temmps with precision x1 but no OSD wont show


Mar 22, 2015
new to the RTX 2080 card i used to use MSI after burner with my 980 worked fine but now with my RTX 2080 ti i cant control all 3 fans manually if i do one fan well spin and the rest wont
i had installed and used precision x1 i could control all 3 fans but than an issue happened with the OSD i wanted to monitor my temps while gaming but i cant do that because the graphs wont show is there any fix to this or is there a version of MSI afterburner that works with the 20 series? i heard about a AB beta version but idk where to download this
What's the exact make and Model of your GPU ? Does it have the FAN-stop feature ? Anyways, try doing a CLEAN re-install of the MSI AB and the PrecisionX tool.

First remove ALL previous saved traces, profiles, and then re-install from scratch. But only use ONE OSD monitoring tool at a time. Don't install both of them simultaneously.

Also, list FULL PC specs. BETA version shouldn't cause any issues, but you can try using a previous stable version of MSI AB, if need be (assuming that version works with the RTX 20 series card)