Trying to upgrade a Toshiba P745-S4012 CPU

Oct 3, 2018
The current CPU is a i3-2350m, I am trying to get a quad core 2nd or 3rd gen i7 in the laptop.

The i3-2350m's TDP is 35W, and yes...the laptop is socketed.

It looks like the dual-core i7-2620M is known to work, but I'm not really interested in that.

If anyone has any insight on theoretically possible, or better yet, tested possible processors, please let me know.

Also, we installed 16GB of RAM, and yes it does if you believe that it can't because you read it on, please refrain from giving CPU advice.

Thank you

UPDATE 10/22/18: We have LIFTOFF! The P745-S4012 can use the i7 2760QM. Recognized by BIOS and Windows.

This indicates that likely ANY CPU that works with the HM65 chipset will work on this board.

Some other cool things I have found:

1. A Backlit keyboard is not standard on this laptop, but can be installed.

2. With the installation of the 2670QM, the machine can now use 1600MHz RAM, down clocked to 1333MHz.

3. The board has blank BGA placeholders for both a discrete GPU and VRAM. And identically sized P745 board shown here indicates that the board could be swapped out for one with a discrete GT 525M with 2GB VRAM:

4. The board also has empty pin connectors for a mPCIE slot, but even if one were included on similar boards it likely wouldn't support mSATA SSDs.

Currently attempting a wifi card upgrade, as there appears to be no whitelist.

Also searching for a compatible 1080p screen, as I think I have found a compatible dual channel Toshiba Display Cable, but I can't find a FHD screen with a 40-pin bottom-right connector.