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Question Two Computers, Different Speeds.

Apr 30, 2020
Hi there,

Recently upgraded our internet to 910mbps with ISP. Since doing so my partner's computer gets the full 910mbps and my computer struggles to get over 600mbps on Fast.com and gets around 740mbps on Speedtest. Both are wired in to the router and both are Cat 5e cables. I've tried swapping them over to no avail.

ISP is BT (British Telecom), 15 devices connected to the router.

My Computer:
Intel Core i5-9400F, Gigabyte B360M H (U3E1) motherboard. I also just bought a Ubit Wifi6 AX200 pcie wifi card which won't get me over 300mbps when I try that. Windows 10, Realtek Driver version:

Partner's Computer:
Intel Core i5-4570, Gigabyte B85-HD3, Windows 10, Driver Version 9.1.410.2015

Thanks in Advance
300mbps is pretty good for wifi at least if your router is 802.11ac. If it is wifi6 (802.11ax) then I would think you should get more....how much I don't know there have not been a lot of end users who post their numbers and you can't always trust testing sites that get ad revenue from equipment makers.

I would watch the event viewer and see if you can see any bottleneck. It almost has to be cpu or disk.

You can test the network card and drivers with old line mode program called IPERF. You should be able to transfer data between the 2 machines in your house. Most times you get 900mbps+ up and down. This program uses almost no cpu and run completely in memory so is not affected by disk types.
I would first run the iperf test like bill001g is suggesting to validate if there are any ethernet problems.

Otherwise, boot linux live cd/usb in each system and race them again. If both aren't getting the same speeds then there's some sort of networking issue.