Question Two computers were turned on to the monitor at the same time


Jun 29, 2019
I turned on two computers one after the other to the new GIGABYTE 24'' G24F 2 Gaming Monitor for the first time, without thinking. Both computers are connected to the monitor via HDMI. I got a picture of the monitor of the first turned on computer. I quickly turned off the other computer that was on by pressing the button.
I have always turned on only one computer to the monitor, so I turn it off and turn on the other one.
Is the monitor overloaded, it is new and that happened to me. The monitor is working now. I'm afraid that two computers were turned on to the monitor at the same time.I'm afraid there are some problems with the monitor because of this.


Your post is very unclear and I'm not sure either what you did or you think the problem could be? What do you mean by connected at the same time? TVs and monitors generally have multiple inputs, and it's perfectly normal to have different sources connected at the same time, with the TV/monitor having an option for selecting which input you're using. I don't think I've had a TV/monitor in 20 years, since CRTs with big coaxial inputs were a thing, that only had a single thing connected to it. Unless there's a scenario you haven't explained, having two inputs into a monitor can no more break the monitor than having two books opened simultaneously can damage your eyes.
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