Question Two Internet Connections

Apr 9, 2019
I have a hard-wired connection, and at the same time can use tethered hotspot from my phone. Is it at all possible to dedicate the hotspot to.. say playing an online game and have the hard-wired connection be dedicated to other things, like downloads/uploads?
Forcebind mostly works but it many times gets broken by microsoft patches from time to time. Forcebind also only works if you can identify a program. It can not for example run certain web sites on one connection and others web sites on the other connection. You can accomplish that by using 2 different web browsers.

The other method of doing this is much more tedious but is not dependent on any special software. You can use the ROUTE command to set one path as the default ( and then set a list of IP addresses to use the other connection. It works well if you can identify all the ip and the list is not too huge.

In either case it is going to take some messing experimenting and learning how the software you are using actually functions. The network tab in the resource monitor should be very helpful in finding which programs are using what ips.