Question Two monitors flicker for a second then go black when turned on


Jun 28, 2012
After coming back from a vacation both monitors( a pair of Samsung s24b750v) seem to be having this odd issue. When you turn them on for a split second they will properly display the source but then go black. They do act like they are receiving a signal and display the little cycling icons in the top left corner and when a third monitor is connected the other two are still being identified in the display options. The specs for the main computer are a ryzen 7 2700x processor 32 gb Gskills f4-3200 for ram on a MSI x470 board and an Nvidia gtx 980 for the graphics card.

While troubleshooting so far I have:
Tried using different cables
Tried connecting to different sources( both a laptop and a PS4)
Tested with different power cables
Updates to the questions
Each monitor has been tested individually on both windows 10 ( original system with) windows 7(laptop) aswell as the ps4 on the laptop it would be running through the integrated graphics of the 5th gen I7 on the desktop through the gtx980
No KVM is used
Multiple outlets were tested on separate circuits
There were no signs of power problems while I was away, additionally, I disconnected everything the night before leaving just in case.
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Have you tested each monitor individually?

Any KVM switches being used?

Any signs of a power problem while you were away: e.g., digital clock blinking on an appliance?

Did you try another power outlet? Both on the same circuit and on another circuit.