Question Two PCs, Two different modems, two different locations, same problem


Apr 11, 2019
This only happens when our PCs didn't used for a long time and when first PC switched to fiber connection for first time ever. Two different houses and locations and modems, all connected via ethernet cable. This is not a wifi, both connections share a same fate, both are fast connections, one fiber and the other not fiber but still very fast. so I can assume this happens only on fast connections. One PC is completely Intel and the second is completely AMD. I really have no idea why is this happens nor is it should happen? is this normal behaviour? When I reboot the computer two or three times problem goes away and when that don't work, I have to replug ethernet cable backside of the PC case, (sometimes green or yellow indicator does not light) and even that don't work, then last resort I have to turn off and turn on modem. Both Windows 10 latest patches and version. One PC have Intel Ethernet Connection driver and the other is realtek network driver. I do not want to mess with drivers because probably I done that already before as I have this issue for a year now.

I'd like to mention Windows 10 also affected by this when this specific issue happen, sys tray icons are either blank or missing, slow performance. That can be solved by clearing the thumbnail cache from C drive right click disk cleaner. Sometimes that also does not work. I also like to say that this isnt a permanent problem, when fixes work, PC work, this is quite strange.

Is there any of you have this problem?


The starting point is to clearly understand the connections/connectivity that is being used.

Are you trying to do something something like the following line diagram?

ISP --- fiber connection ---> ONT Box --- Ethernet cable ---> Modem 1st location ---Ethernet cable ---> [WAN port] Router 1st location [LAN port] --- Ethernet cable ---> Modem 2nd location --- Ethernet cable ---> [WAN port] Router 2nd location.

With both router's providing wired network connectivity via router LAN ports to wired devices. No wireless at all - correct?

That line diagram is not a suggestion or recommendation. It is only there so you can easily edit and correct as necessary to show your network(s).

Please edit and correct my line diagram to show how your connections are actually being made. Add details and devices as necessary to be complete.

Who is your iSP? Also include make and model information for all modems and routers.