U.S. Judge Calls Patents a "Problem"

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[citation][nom]jacekring[/nom]Ok, easy solution for you. Next time you get sick and get a blood infection, go to the zoo and ask one of the shit slinging monkeys to fix you up.Also it DOES cost a LOT for you to go to the emergency room. Let me explain why.1) You were seen by a receptionist, nurse and a doctor. Their salaries are not great, the doctor probably earns maybe $120,000 a year, that is if you were actually seen by an ER doctor not a ER resident.2) You must have had blood tests done, tests are not cheap you are looking at probably $200 in rushed testing fee's.3) There are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people who go to the emergency room, and receive treatment but have no way possible of paying. The hospital can NOT just throw you out, they must at least stabilize your condition. So your fee INCLUDES the costs of treating those people.4) For people with insurance, they will charge your insurance that $1400 but the insurance company's typically only pay out 50-75%. So they will be lucky to see $900 from an insurance company.5) Hospital's have to pay IMMENSE insurance fees against malpractice lawsuits, because people will sue over ANYTHING.You want to blame someone? Blame the people without insurance who didn't have the decency to lay at home and die instead went to the hospital knowing they couldn't pay for treatment. And blame the insurance companies for not paying their fare share for your healthcare. And lastly blame the people who will sue the hospital when their loved ones heart transplant didn't go quite right, or received and infection after getting stitches done, or what not.There are valid reasons to sue Hospitals, such as when a doctor messes up badly. But not just because you didn't get the outcome that the doctor said was 'probable'.[/citation]

How is a more than six digit salary not great? A fourth of that can be lived on comfortably if you're not an ignoramus about how to handle money, yet $120K is not great? Sure, it's not a million nor even close, but it is most certainly a great salary. Also, the guy specifically said a trained monkey. A zoo monkey is obviously not trained to do this, so that reference doesn't work.
[citation][nom]jacekring[/nom]Yea I'm sure you'll see companies like GlaxoSmithKline investing BILLIONS into drug research just to have some other pharmaceutical company take their formula with no R&D costs and use it. No patents are essential for certain companies for them to feel secure enough to invest the money required to develop, test and get FDA approval for drugs.On the other hand, they shouldn't be spitting out patents like crazy for other things. What's the R&D costs to develop a "Rectangular object with rounded corners", a patent that Apple holds.[/citation]

TBF, unless they seriously screw something up, their formula shouldn't be public knowledge, or at least not the method in which they create it with the materials involved.


Apr 2, 2010
most judges are former lawyers, judges are mostly elected. ever notice how there is no one running against judges in the elections?
the laws are set up by lawyers for lawyers and nobody else.
fix the legal system and you fix 95% of the problems with any country
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