News Ubuntu Bug Breaks EFI on 21.04 Up With Older Machines


Apr 4, 2021
You remember what is was like being young .... they probably tell the boss they tested it on everything .. but .....

I recently tried to install Kubuntu 21.04 on my machine that has x570 motherboard, with ryzen 7 2700x, rx 580x gpu, 16gb ram .... just came up with a black screen after accessing the DVD forever. Someone broke it.

The Linux installation routines need some work, also need to standardise how they put UEFI boot loaders on and boot managers. I was trying to install several different distributions on one 1Tb hard drive ... there always seems to be some hiccup, and the UEFI boot gets corrupted, and then you can't boot any of them. The rEFInd boot manager on a USB stick might still be able to find it and boot into it though.

{GoofyOne's 2c worth ...... grumpy today because he wasn't allowed to be sleepy, or happy ... those were already taken}